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Trending Skins & Glowstumization

One of the most common problems that consumers attribute to skin aging is lack of uniformity in tone and lack of shine.

Today they talk about different concepts that are aligned to the lighting of the skin, among which the K-beauty, the Make-up No make-up and the Glass Skin stand out.

These three trends mainly seek to provide characteristics of glowing, luminosity and natural radiance to the skin through daily routines with different products or through mixing these skin care products with makeup to achieve a glowing effect, with a natural glow and healthy skin.

Glowing is a concept focused on the radiance and natural glow of the skin. This characteristic is reflected in all skin types, without preference for age, color, genetics, etc., that’s why the concept of glowstumization is used to refer to the glowing adapted for each skin type and each consumer.

When we talk about all types of skin, it is essential to mention that the presence of melanin is essential to give color to the skin and hair, so its synthesis must be balanced. If it is produced in abnormal amounts, either excessive, low or uncontrolled due to various factors associated with the exposome, (such as sunlight, hormonal changes or inflammation), skin lesions or spots, freckles and other imbalances occur in skin pigmentation.

That’s why, before adopting any skin routine or using some makeup techniques, it’s important to prevent and treat the hyperpigmentation process and keep the melanin production process balanced, regardless of age and skin color.

How to achieve a luminous skin and an even skin tone?

To achieve luminous skin and an even skin tone, are needed substances capable of:

  • Neutralize hyperoxidation, since melanin synthesis (pigmentation) is an oxidative process.
  • Decrease and regulate the synthesis of melanin, intervening on the action of the enzyme tyrosinase.

Lumiglow ™ is a 100% natural active ingredient with Ecocert-Cosmos certification, obtained from the Maqui fruit from Andean Patagonia, which increases the natural glow and luminosity of the skin, prevents and reduces hyperpigmentation promoting the uniformity of the skin tone, and also helps to reduce redness.

Lumiglow ™ has these properties due to the antioxidant effect of delphinidins and ellagic acid, as well as other compounds that act against hyperoxidation, which make its function as Vitamin-C like. In addition to having the same properties without causing irritation, Lumiglow ™ helps reduce irritation and redness of the skin.

In addition to this, it provides a glowing effect to the skin, evens its tone, illuminates, at the same time it protects it naturally from the external factors that generate ROS. Its most important advantages are its stability in formulations and its great antioxidant power of natural origin that favors even the most sensitive skin.