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Positive impact on the planet

At Novachem we voluntarily assume a business, social and environmental commitment in order to contribute to a more conscious world. We work to make preservation and sustainability an act of responsibility.

Our ingredients are developed through processes full of love for nature and respectful practices with the planet, we contribute to reducing the damage caused by industries that misuse natural resources.

Fundación Huellas para un Futuro

Novachem sets foot in the jungle

We are linked with Fundación Huellas para un Futuro who work in the Misiones jungle, from its Aponapó Reserve (52 ha), located within the buffer area of the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve.

Sustainable sourcing

We develop active ingredients for the cosmetic industry from plants from the Misiones jungle

The project consists of the development of actives for the cosmetic and personal care industry based on plants from the Misiones jungle, based on the knowledge of the traditional medicine of the local Guaraní communities and using ecosystem-friendly harvesting practices (within the framework of REDD+ / FCPF).

We help raise the value of the productive, landscape and cultural resources of residents and local communities (Mbya Guaraní), as part of a sustainable economic source for the Guaraní communities.

We participate in international programs that mobilize the business sector to contribute to the greatest challenges of the planet and humanity until 2030, through actions to fight climate change, promoting sustainable consumption through innovation.

We promote the conservation of forests areas and jungles that are essential to the world, through with sustainable practices of land use. We value biodiversity.

We develop active ingredients for the cosmetic industry from plants from the Misiones jungle.

Nagoya Protocol

Through the project with Fundación Huellas para un Futuro, the actives from Misiones Forest will have the certification of the Nagoya Protocol according to the Convention on Biological Diversity, which guarantees the conservation of biodiversity, its origin, traceability, community participation and fair and equitable distribution of the benefits obtained by genetic resources and their obtaining in an environmentally friendly way, without altering the ecology of the origin place.

Our products

They are not tested on animals: Cruelty free.

They are biodegradable.

They are derived from non-genetically modified organisms, Non-GMO.

We make use of rigorous legislation on the origin of actives.

They preserve species and care for natural resources.

Small acts of love for the planet make a big difference.
Leave a green footprint and be that change you want for the planet.