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Protein Max™

Vegan and gluten free protein shake composed of low molecular weight peptides and amino acids from quinoa, amaranth and rice protein hydrolyzate that protect the hair fiber with high porosity, to avoid dryness and dehydration, strengthening the cuticle, reducing the porosity in high porosity hair and helping to recover the hair’s own shine by acting as an anti-SPONGE. The high content of phenols in Protein Max™ helps protect the hair and skin of the scalp from premature aging at the capillary level.



Amaranth, quinoa and rice.






From 1 to 5%.



It has a high content of proteins of vegetable origin, reduces the porosity of the hair providing an anti-sponge effect. Increases the shine of the hair fiber and at the same time protects the hair from environmental aggressions. It is high in antioxidants.


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