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Active caffeine concentrated of vegetable origin that exerts a lipolytic action on the skin, ideal for anti-cellulite treatments and acts as a capillary stimulant on the hair.
It has a great affinity with the epidermis cells, penetrating through the layers the layers of the skin to its place of action which ensures excellent dermal diffusion. Increases the circulation of the bags of the eyes.
Caffeine enhances the appearance of new hair, which is born much healthier and stronger. Helps restore growth or prevent abnormal growth loss.

Yerba mate, Guarana and Green tea. Standardized in caffeine.


Skin and hair.


1.0 – 5.0%


Hair and body energizer, helps in anti-cellulite and reducing treatments, increases circulation, has antioxidant action, venotonic action, helps treat tired legs, stimulates the hair fiber, enhances the properties of hair loss treatments.


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