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Cosmetic active ingredient of botanical origin, ideal for oily to combination skin. It acts in a gentle, intelligent, and friendly way with skin and planet biodiversity (Circular beauty). Active with NAGOYA PROTOCOL.

It is obtained from the Ñangapiri rich in tannins. Modulates the oily microenvironments of the skin and scalp. Prevents dysbiosis, balances the microbiota and has a mattifying action. In addition, it reduces and minimizes the visibility of pores and helps “clean” (Smart Clean technology).


Skin and scalp.

Skinification Trend


1 % – 5 %.


Mattifies, reduces and minimizes pores, favors the balance of the skin’s microbiome, reduces redness and has a sebum-normalizing action. In addition, provides a cleaner and clearer skin sensation as it is a natural astringent. Is indicated for all skin types with a tendency to oiliness and with a tendency to backne.

It can be applied in skin and hair care products.

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