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There are proteins from plants that act in a similar way to those that make up the natural keratin of our hair.
Hair is composed of a large% of keratin found in the outer layer, its function is to protect it from external factors such as pollution, physical and chemical aggressions.

Low molecular weight vegetable keratin
Active ingredient obtained from a combination of vegetable proteins from different sources such as Soy, Wheat and Corn, in which an amino acid composition is achieved in similar proportions to those found in the keratin fibers of human hair.
The mechanism of action of PHYTOQUERATINA ™ is both by direct penetration on the cortex and by film formation, depending on the degree of deterioration of the hair.
Hair Type: Straight, Wavy, Curly, Afro.

Damage from excess bleaches and flat irons? Fight frizz? Open cuticles?
Active focused on hair repair, to obtain a healthier appearance. Provides hair with essential proteins to restore softness, improve resistance and strength.

• Eliminates frizz.
• Improves straightening.
• Provides shine and hydration.
• Strengthens and seals the cuticle.
• Provides amino acids that revitalize hair.
• Improves silkiness and combability.

Recommended Applications:
• Deep repair mask.
• Post-dyeing, straightening or permanent treatments
• Mist to give hair discipline
• Serum to repair split ends and future breakages.
• Treatment line for damaged, colored and fragile hair.