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Natural formulations: the new demand in cosmetics.

The great demand for disinfectant and antibacterial products during the pandemic had a significant effect on the cosmetic industry, since frequent hand washing and the use of these products on the hands skin has resulted in problems of dryness and opacity, thus generating a greater use of creams, serums and lotions, important to hydrate and recover the original texture of the skin. Something similar happened with hair care products due to the closure of beauty salons and barbershops that provided treatments.

The world cosmetic market, large, medium and small companies saw this situation as an opportunity to reinvent themselves, to be creative when developing new products that would adapt to the needs of a consumer who was facing a new reality.

However, this change in the daily life of consumers went beyond the concern for taking care of health in the face of a lethal virus. The environmental problems that had been undermining for decades, but that were not relevant until the world stopped in an unprecedented confinement, were exacerbated and became more visible.

Given this, consumer concerns about sustainability and awareness about the use of toxic or harmful ingredients for the environment has led to a growing market with high demand for cosmetic products for skin and hair formulated with natural ingredients , free of animal cruelty, biodegradable and free of chemicals.

The success of these trends gives us the answer to the big question: why formulate products with natural ingredients?. Cosmetic formulation requires a lot of planning and knowledge of the market. This process consists of combining active ingredients designed and selected for a single product, focused on the purpose of each product (anti-dandruff, hair protection, prebiotic, moisturizer, etc.).

During the formulation, several factors must be taken into account, such as the mode of action and the unique properties of the raw materials, including the chemical changes that occur when they are combined, such as pH, temperature, stability, among others.

The advantage of formulating with natural ingredients lies in the high performance of these active ingredients in finished products that not only benefit the consumer but also the environment, since they are of natural origin. Today’s consumer demands results and in addition to this has a growing interest in conscious and responsible consumption.

Finally, while it is exciting to create a new product or product line, it is also a difficult task to materialize the ideas into a real product that in turn is attractive to consumers in the category, especially if the brand is new to the cosmetic industry.

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