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Hydraskin™️:Posbiotic and Osmoprotective

APPLICATION OF NEW EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGIES We develop assets through sustainable productions, we take care of natural resources. We do not do any genetic modification. GMO FREE. (Here you can place a little world and a green heart)



HYDRASKIN ™ Biotechnological, postbiotic and osmoprotective active. Rich in GABA and proline, NMF (Natural Hydration Factors). Protects the skin against osmotic stress generated by external factors (exposome). Resets water levels instantly (1h). Maintains hydration in balance for a long time (72h).      


Importance of hydration in the skin Restores the elasticity of the stratum corneum, improves appearance, obtains greater firmness and a younger appearance.      


Natural Hydration Factors (NMF) They attract and retain water in the stratum corneum of the skin.      


Osmoprotectors They regulate the water content and promote its retention. Protects hydration against osmotic stress. Active that can be included in facial and body formulas, creams, fluids, among others.


“Novachem Uses Hydrating Ingredient for Multiple Formulas”