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Enhances Natural Skin Luminosity with Lumiglow™

Lumiglow™ is a 100% natural active. (INCI: Water (Aqua) (and) Glycerin (and) Aristotelia Chilensis Fruit Extract), which is obtained from the maqui fruit and is rich in delphinidins and ellagic acid. 

Lumiglow™ is said to increase the glow and natural luminosity of skin. In addition, it prevents and reduces hyperpig­mentation, in turn achieving an even skin tone. This vitamin C-like active also provides a brightening effect, reduces redness and irritation such as erythema, and demonstrates high antioxidant power.

Consumers can obtain skin radiance by preparing the skin with a combination of products such as brightening serums, radiance boosters and moisturizing creams, e.g., including the ingredient, without generating oiliness. It is then recommended to apply products with antioxidant properties to tone the skin. 

Indeed, the active can be used in an array of products such as BB creams, brightening serums, radiance boosting creamers, primers, facial mists and facial tonics.

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