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What causes the continuous exposure to light emitted by the screens of mobile phones, computers or tablets on our skin?

Overexposure to blue light (digital pollution) emitted by screens causes negative damage deep within the skin:

-Premature aging.
-Loss of elasticity.
-Appearance of wrinkles.

Bluescreen ™ ️ 100% natural active ingredient composed of:

-Palo Pichi
-Indian Tobacco

Plants of Patagonia, which fight digital pollution. It has absorbance against the wavelength generated by digital devices (high energy light).


-Increases dermal density.
-Reduces the depth of fine lines.
-It has an antioxidant effect.
-Natural protector from blue light.

Routines and applications:

-Protective mist from blue light.
-Facial products against digital pollution.
-Facial treatment creams or for the eye contour.
-Anti-aging treatments.
-Lines of solar filters and blue light.
-Blueprotection blisters.
-Refreshing facial lotions.
-Makeup base.
-Regenerative night treatments.

Make periods of disconnection, avoid exposing yourself excessively to the blue light of the screens, your skin will thank you.