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Biodiversity: Our most important commitment.

Why is it so important to talk about biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the variety of living beings that integrate the planet. Thanks to them we humans can survive; the prefix bio means everything related to living beings and diversity is the quality of what is variable and different.

Biodiversity is unbalanced by the destruction and alteration of the environment. As a result, this generates a negative impact on the planet that ranges from global warming and the extinction of species, to the livelihood of indigenous communities and local populations.

Now, why is this word so renowned today and why does it have a great impact on the cosmetic market?

Consumers are much more aware and have evolved in their ways of thinking and choosing the cosmetic products they use and require more detailed information about them. They not only expect the product action or benefit on the skin or hair to be real, but they also take into account the actions that companies and brands take about caring for the environment and respecting biodiversity.

Today, it is not enough just to generate and communicate actions that reduce the negative impact on the planet, but it is also necessary to generate and be aware when making the purchase decision, because thanks to this awareness, different specific practices can be created and implemented on the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity during production processes (cultivation, collection and distribution) to obtain botanical active ingredients.

Currently, there are different organizations that aim to mitigate this negative impact with actions that promote businesses related to the triple impact, such as ethical and fair trade, practices that ensure the conservation of biodiversity and respect for ancestral and traditional knowledge.

Taking care of natural resources, conserving biodiversity, benefiting the population and promoting good practices are the bases of our development as a company.