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5 Actives focused on comprehensive hair health.

Our portfolio includes hair care actives for protection, to decrease hair loss, and to retain color and improve overall hair health.


Thanks to the enzymatic extraction technology, Novachem reports it can obtain a concentrate of the phytoactive substances provided by each plant to work synergis­tically to hydrate the hair fiber, reduce frizz and obtain a long-lasting effect through post-straightening treatments.

Extracell Plex

The active can be incorporated in hair product formats ranging from ampoules to protective colored masks. It may also be included in hydrogen peroxide for later mixing with bleaching powder.


Its components have reportedly been proven as sources of vitamins, polyphenols and antioxidants necessary to promote normal and healthy hair growth, and to prevent the formation of free radicals and cellular stress. The ingredient achieves this by stimulating the hair bulb, revitalizing the hair from the roots and thus reinforcing its structure, activating growth and adding volume to the hair.


In addition to treating oily scalp and keeping it healthy and balanced, the active is said to: inhibit dandruff fungus, help to treat disorders related to high sebum production, and have an astringent action.

Phytoscreen Patagonia

This protective active is standardized in quercetin, which provides beneficial effects in hair. According to the company, using 5% of the active in a hydroglycolic solution was shown to impart shine and luminosity to the hair. Additionally, it improved red hair dyes and increased the permanence of the color, and returned hair to a more virgin state and therefore providing improved hair appearance.

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